Coach's Notes

Coach Joylin Nodwell's Guiding Wisdom

November 17, 2022

Happy Thursday FMSC Team! Thank you for being so accommodating as we transition to our new lane groupings. Please continue with these new lane arrangements as they are intended to provide everyone with a better-quality workout.

Some important reminders:

  • Please make sure to always leave enough distance between you and the swimmer ahead. Minimum 5 seconds.
  • If you catch up to the swimmer ahead of you, you should initiate a pass by tapping their foot and passing on the inside.
  • If you feel someone tap your foot, please move over or stop at the end of the lane.
  • To avoid collisions, turns must be made in the center (at the end of each lane where the black cross is) and swimmers must push off into the outgoing lane. If there is not sufficient room, swimmers need to space out more or re-organize their lane order. Faster swimmers ahead of slower swimmers.
  • It is tricky swimming with 6-7 adults per lane especially when against the wall. Try your best to be aware of your surroundings to keep everyone safe.
  • Never push off without looking first