Pub Nights

Once a month we will be going out for supper after practice. It is usually the first Tuesday or Thursday night of the month. The locations will change from month to month to give us a chance to try some new places. That info will be posted on our calendar and at the pool before the night and on the night. 

Saturday Breakfast

The usual breakfast after Saturday morning swimming. Check with the regulars at the pool on Saturday for the location as we are trying out some different places. Ricki's in the North Hill Mall has been the usual venue.

Ladies' Nights

Once a month after swimming on Tuesday or Thursday the ladies have an opportunity to get together. Bring something to eat, some wine for supper and a craft, if you have one. Sorry guys, this is for ladies only.

Monthly Dinner Night

Hosted by a club member at their home or we go to a specific restaurant. We try to keep it to the third week of the month if possible. Info will be posted on the website and at the pool.

Check the Schedule

Go to the schedule on this website to find out the time and place for the events described above.... and much more!


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